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    Can not access SAP Login Window after installing SAP 8.5 /SAP Conn 5.0

      Hi QlikView masters,

      I'm new in QlikView but our company has this BI Tools for several years. Since we have to migrate our ERP to SAP, so I have to migrate also our QlikView reporting to access the SAP database. I have read several article, the possible way is to install a SAP Connector in our QLikView environment.

      I have installed the SAP 5.0 connector, before that I installed QlikView 8.5 Enterprise Edition to our Development Server. I also Installed .net Framework 2.0 and .net Framework 2.0 SP1 as the requirement. but unfortunately I don't have the SAP login WIndow to access the SAP Server after I click Connect.

      Do you have any idea to resolve the problem, or is there any missing step of installation which is mandatory to be done? Since I'm new here, consider this question as my introduction in this community. Thanks in advance for the big help, I appreaciate it.

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