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    problem with obtaining string data from custom data source dll



      I'm currently working on custom data source dll for QlickView. for now it points to single data table with string values. Using edit script dialog I can connect to it, get correct list of fields and datatypes, and full preview of data contents. In short - using EditScript->CustomDataSource->Select dialog options i have full access to all correct data from my source. But when I select fields within main qlikview window only first row from the table is being shown. Reload data option doesn't help.

      I have simple logger inserted into my dll and it logs all calls from QlikView to dll interface. Log created during data reload shows that Qlick view requests all data from dll and gets everything, but i can't access more then first row outside EditScript Dialog.

      Dll returns all data as QV_ASCII fields. Currently return data is assigned exactly as in CustomDataSource.pdf example showing usage of Result_FetchField method (with one change - i corrected a spelling mistake in call to Utf8StringAssign function which has one "s" to many in pdf:) ).

      The funny thing is tah when i set data return to QV_INTEGER and pass doubles to QlickView from dll with no other changes in dll code all data rows become accessible.


      Any help would be welcome:)