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    Calculating Month-over-Month and Yoy Based on current selection

    Priyash shahane

      Hey guys,


      I am working on this app in qlik sense wherein i have chart with a column x, % change x MOM, % change x YOY

      In my load script i have the date


      Load "x",

      date(date,'MMM-YY') as "month_year",



      ( I have other columns but they are not relevant to the question)


      In my sheet i have a Filter Pane with month_year as the dimension


      So the way i want it to be is that firstly when user selects a month-year from the filter pane. the chart should populate with entries as following:


      website - x - MOM% change in X - YOY% change in x


      Here web_site is a dimension rest all are measures.


      I tried using various formulae for MOM from the qlik community but doesn't seem to work.

      What my best attempt was using set analysis:


      Sum({$<month_year= {"<=$(=date(getfieldselections(month_year)))"}>})total_unique_visitors for the current month

      and using the same expression but just month_year - 1 for previous month.


      However this does not result in any value. Can anyone please point out the error here. or suggest an easier approach