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    SAP Business One Connector

      Hi there

      What is the best connector to use to connect to a SAP Business One Database?

      I am currently using Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. Is this correct?

      Thank you

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          Karl Pover

          Hello Christo, Yeah, you should use the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. It is not necesary to have a specialized SAP Connector for SAP Business One.


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              Thank you

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                Hi Karl,

                We are using SAP Business One for our financial reporting. We would like to generate some critical financial reports using qlikview. But identifying different tables for this reporting is very difficult. That's why we would like to use SAP connector . To use SAP connector do we need any SAP specialists or anyone can connect to SAP business one and start generating the reports. Please suggest


                Best Regards,


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                    John-Paul Della Putta

                    Getting financial information out which relates to GL codes can be a bit tricky. The reason is that Business One (B1) stores the GL code as a SY_000xxx number which needs to be mapped back to the actual GL code.

                    For other data, you can turn on the 'View System Information' from the B1 menu and when you hover your mouse over the data field, the data table and column information will be displayed in the bottom message bar.

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                        Karl Pover

                        I agree with John Paul that the best way to find data is with the View System Infomation option. The SAP Connector is specifically designed for SAP R/3 and will not work on SAP Business One since the table structure is completely different.

                        The secret of the SAP Connector Scriptbuilder template is that its loads the data dictionary tables, so that you can use QlikView to navigate the tables and columns. I have never investigated to see if there is something similar in SAP BO, but I have attached the SAP BO SDK Reference Guide (change the file extension to .chm in order to open the file) which describes all the tables and columns in SAP BO. It is about 5 years old, but since SAP has given up hope on growing the SAP BO market that SAP BO is not going to change very much anymore.

                        The financial tables you can start with are:

                        OJDT - GL Entry Header
                        JDT1 - GL Entry Line
                        OACT - GL Accounts
                        OITR - GL Reconciliation Header (New in 2007)
                        ITR1 - GL Reconciliation Line (New in 2007)

                        With those tables you can go a long way.


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                            @ Karl Pover


                            Perhaps just a minor correction.


                            SAP Business One is still very much part of the SAP suite of solutions for small to medium enterprises. The only change happening in this space is the added cloud offering from SAP for small to medium enterprises.


                            Version 9.1 has recently been released.

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                      DataRoket has a QlikView connector for all BO Universe data.  Connecting directly, at the report level, in-memory and more.  Let us know if this meets your needs.  http://tinyurl.com/3har8tl