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    Get associate field of selection

    Silvia Ganhao



      Imagine I have this table:


      Category          Product          Quantity

           A                         1                    10

           A                         2                    20    

           A                         3                    30

           B                         4                    40

           B                         5                    50        

           B                         6                    60

      I choose Product 1, so the category related to product is A, with the value 10 for Quantity.

      I would like to now the percentage of product 1 that was selled in the category A.


      So I want Sum of quantity for the product I selected


      And then I want Sum of quantity of all products related to the same category that product 1:

           So I want quantity of product 1, 2 and 3, all belonging to category A: 10+20+30 = 60


      The question is that the only thing I have selected is Product = 1


      bottom of line I want something like:


          Sum quantity where product = PRODUCT SELECTED  / Sum quantity where category = category of PRODUCT SELECTED


      How can I achieve this ?

      It may be something simple but I'm not getting there.


      I will give you more information if this is not enough.


      Thanks in advance.