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    Expression Problem

    Dermot mcgoldrick

      OK hitting a brick wall on this one.  I have a piece of work that lets us estimate useage levels against population.  3 sliders are used to input where we expect figures to be and everything is working fine bar on a google map that I have.


      Calc is as follows :


      (sum({<Year = {'2016'}>} Units))




      Round  (((sum({$<Type = {'Red'}>}Part_Qty)*$(vRedChanges))*2)*$(vPoint_In_Year))

      +          (((sum({$<Type = {'Blue'}>Part_Qty)*$(vBlueChanges))*2)*$(vPoint_In_Year))

      +          (((sum({$<Type = {'Green'}>}Part_Qty)*$(vGreenChanges))*2)*$(vPoint_In_Year))


      So this is # units sold / expected # units, to get a % result of how sales are doing.


      If I check each part of the calc everything is fine, ie the sum of units is correct, and the sum of Part Qty is fine however when entered as above I get the wrong answer, so I'm missing something.


      Same calc is used in numerous locations in my report but in charts etc and works fine, its only failing on the google map, and is only used here as pop up when you mouse over an account etc.