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    Using a formula for KPI in Qliksense

    Vikram Kumar

      Can someone help me with this please. I am new to Qlik and trying to show a KPI in the app. The KPI should be a calculated to show the % change of the sales price of a specific asset over a period of 2 years. The Change is to be calculated in %. I am providing an example data so that it is clear on what i am trying to do.



      Area 1020001950192019101900



      I am trying to show a % difference for the asset in Area 10 from 1) June 2016 to Jan 2014 2) June 2016 to Aug 2014 3) Jun 2016 to Aug 2015 in three seperate KPI boxes.


      Can someone help me with the formula i need to enter for this specific KPI.


      Thank you so much.



        • Re: Using a formula for KPI in Qliksense
          Sunny Talwar

          May be like this:


          1) Num(Sum({<MonthYear = {'Jun-16'}>}Measure)/Sum({<MonthYear = {'Jan-14'}>}Measure) - 1, '##.0%')


          2) Num(Sum({<MonthYear = {'Jun-16'}>}Measure)/Sum({<MonthYear = {'Aug-14'}>}Measure) - 1, '##.0%')


          3) Num(Sum({<MonthYear = {'Jun-16'}>}Measure)/Sum({<MonthYear = {'Aug-15'}>}Measure) - 1, '##.0%')