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    calculate the average of the first quartile

    Jop Daalmans

      I want to calculate the average of the first quartile, and use it as a limit for a gauge.


      All formula's work seperately but i cannot get the total to work.

      This is my formula:

      avg(if({<bouwmarkt=>}[Totaal Kosten] < fractile({<bouwmarkt=>}[Totaal Kosten],0.25),{<bouwmarkt=>}[Totaal Kosten]))

      i can use

      fractile({<bouwmarkt=>}[Totaal Kosten],0.25)

      to create a reference line and that works fine

      i can make an if statement that only shows value if selected bouwmarkt is below 1st quartile average and that works fine:

      if([Totaal Kosten] < fractile({<bouwmarkt=>}[Totaal Kosten],0.25),[Totaal Kosten])

      So i want to compare a "bouwmarkt" with the average of the 1st quartile.

      Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?