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    QVX file troubles


      Hello QV community,

      I am trying to load some data into QV using a qvx file (LOAD * FROM [post.qvx] (qvx)). The load gives no error message but it appears I have some error in the header because the data doesn't get loaded into QV, it shows up in the table view though. I have attached the QVX file with one example data.

      The format is, first an int, a long and then 2 strings. It uses big endian and 2-byte counters for strings. For example:

      1299968456115 (this is a timestamp so different from the timestamp in the attached file)

      Results in this byte array:

      0 0 0 1

      0 0 1 2E AC 28 75 B3

      0 6 43 6F 72 70 75 73

      0 6 4E 6F 4C 69 6E 6B

      PS. Since I couldn't upload QVX files I renamed it into .txt


      Please help me with my problem.



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          Hi Rasmus,

          with the help of the load-wizard I created the load-statement but the load itself ended with 0 lines fetched and no error(s). I am using V10SR1.


          LOAD postId,

          If you are sure having load at least one record don't hesitate to contact your local QV-support.

          Regards, Roland

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              Thanks for the reply. I managed to solve it though, the problem was that i forgot to write a 0-byte after the header.

              I misinterpreted the documentation that said to write 0 byte as no bytes rather than 0x0.

                • AW:QVX file troubles

                  Does anyone know where I can find documentation about creating a qvx file? I want something that explains the structure of the file so I can create from a third party software. I got it working for a simple example.