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    Calculate limited average for field's values

    Vladimir Komarov



      I am looking for non-trivial solution for my task:


      I do have data table that contains some values (people's daily counts) for multiple locations over time (for ~3 years)

      Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.02.50 PM.png

      I need to calculate (for each day) the Average Traffic 10 days prior and 10 days after the particular date.

      It's easy to do in the chart:


        below(sum([Traffic Enters]), 0, 10),

        above(sum([Traffic Enters]), 1, 10)


      But I need to do it in the script...

      Yes, there is a way using GROUP BY, FOR TO - NEXT, PEEK, etc approach...

      But I was hoping somebody could suggest a better and more elegant solution...

      Looking forward to your suggestions!