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    Duration between two dates?

    Prashanth Reddy


      I have data set as shown below.



      Here, employer is travelling from Chennai to Delhi via Banglore.

      -> Identify Earliest start date and latest start  time (min date , max time)

      -> Identify Latest start date and earliest start time (max date, min time)

      -> difference between these dates and times is duration of stay in main location(Delhi).

      -> shown the scenario in Yellow in above table for clear understanding


      How can achieve this?




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          André Gomes



          If you want to calculate without exclude any holiday, then you can use =max Date - min Date

          And if you want to calculate working day, then use =Networkdays (max Date, Min Date {, Holiday})


          The Networkdays () returns the number of working days (Monday-Friday) between and including StartDate and EndDate taking into account any optionally listed holidays. All parameters should be valid dates or timestamps.


          networkdays ('2007-02-19', '2007-03-01') returns 9

          networkdays ('2006-12-18', '2006-12-31', '2006-12-25', '2006-12-26') returns 8




          André Gomes

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              Prashanth Reddy

              Hi Andre,


              Thanks for the reply. but that is not what I am looking for. Of the same Start date column I need to derive the

              (Max date with earliest time(Start Date) - Min date with latest time(Start Date)).

              Example from data set.

              (7/29/2016 14:29 - 07/25/2016 10:50) grouped by PNR.