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    Expresion If Flag + condition then result.

    Tom Neal



      I've created an expression to show the total % only for rows which are flagged as between 0-7 days
      and where the total % is less than 0.3.  Below is the formular which I have put together however it returns blank where
      it should be returning the Total %.


      IF(MAX({<[0-7DayFlag]={"True"}>}[Total%])<'0.3', MAX({<[0-7DayFlag]={"True"}>}Total%])


      Could someone point out what is the issue with the expression?


      Thanks in advanced.


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          Sunny Talwar

          May be try this:


          If(Max({<[0-7DayFlag] = {'True'}>} [Total%]) < 0.3, Max({<[0-7DayFlag] = {'True'}>} [Total%])


          If that doesn't help, would you be able to provide a sample to take a look at?

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            Tom Neal

            Thanks for the response,


            I actually moved away from this formula due to not receiving the correct outcome.


            I am now using the following:



            Sum({<[0-7DayFlag]={"True"}>}[Total1]+[Total2]+[Total3]+[Total4]) /

            Sum(Products), Store, Area)<'0.3',


            Sum({<[0-7DayFlag]={"True"}>}[Total1]+[Total2]+[Total3]+[Total4]) /

            Sum(Products), Store, Area))


            This is showing me the results for all 0-7 day rows where as I only want to see the rows where the outcome of the calculation is less than < 0.3.


            I don't know why but it seems that the <'0.3' is being ignored in the if statement.