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    Percentage count ?

    Prashanth Reddy


      TripNum   Traveler  Type

      128            A          Direct

      123            B          Indirect

      198            C          Direct

      190            D          Online

      908            E          Indirect



      TripNum   Traveler  Type

      128             A         Rental

      153             B         Rental

      190             D        -

      164             E         Rental


      Now I used the following expression to the TripNum % :

      count({<TripNum ={"=count(distinct Type>0"}>} distinct  TripNum)

      /Count({<Type=>} distinct (TripNum))


      I am getting the TripNum %, but the problem here is when I select Rental in Type filter,

      it is calculating for all tripnum count, instead I want it to consider only count from Table2.

      Without any selections applied, it is working fine.

      how can get % for only rental : actual o/p: 3/9= 33.33

      expected %= 3/4=75%,