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    Default selection while reloading


      I'm doing a very complex report in QlikView and due to the big complexity, we have outsourced some formulas into an Excel file. While reloading data, the Excel sheet is read and via a For..Next loop inserted into variables that are used by this construction:

      pick(RowNumber, $(var1), $(var2), $(var3), ... $(varN))

      Shortly, we are building a static report (yes, I know, QV is not made to do this) that cannot reduce the rows in the report, only ajust the sums accoding to selections.

      Now, the problem is, that because of the demands of having BeginDate and EndDate as separate calendar boxes, I want to refer to the value in the calendar boxes. Since the reload happens before anyone can select anything in the calendars, the script fails because of this.

      One of the rows from the Excel:

      Column A: row9
      Column B: sum({<AccountNumber={'5000'},FundingCode={'10','20','30','50','60','70','80','90'}, Date={">= $(=StartDate) <=$(=EndDate)"}>} (Money/1000))

      Since StartDate and EndDate are not selected and thus a value cannot be applied on the selection, the formula fails.

      Is there a way to work around this? Can a default value be inserted into StartDate and EndDate?

      Sören Hakola