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    Scrolling bug

      I'm getting a bug where if I have to scroll in a table, the display duplicates rows, but only temporarily.  The screenshots are from the attached app.  The app has one data table with one column and 13 rows.  If I make the UI table shallow so that you have to scroll vertically, when I get to the bottom of the table, the first rows appear again.   '18917330365' and '19225032638' appear in both screenshots.  If the app sits there open for awhile, this stops happening.  I can upload a video of it occurring if Qlik can't reproduce.  Let me know if there is a better place to file this.


      Steps to reproduce:

      Open MyApp

      Open My new sheet

      Make sure the table is shallow enough that you have to scroll

      Scroll down.  OBSERVE:  '18917330365' and '19225032638'  appear twice.


      I'm on Windows 10 Pro, 64bit OS

      This happened on both Qlik Sense Desktop 3.0 SR1 and 3.1 (10.3.5)