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    Difference between QlikView Analyzer, Enterprise and Server?



      As I was going through the demons posted in the website, I was confused with the difference of these three:


      1.QV Analyzer

      2. QV Enterprise

      3. QV Server

      How are they different and what specifically they do? Apologize for this vague question, but I am confused.


        • Difference between QlikView Analyzer, Enterprise and Server?


          It's a totally valid question Smile

          Before QlikView 9.0, there were multiple versions of the QlikView desktop client, each having a distinct purpose.

          QlikView Analyzer - This was used only for viewing and interacting with QlikView documents, and did not allow for script editing, creating new objects, etc.

          QlikView Enterprise - This client was used by QlikView developers to create QlikView applications.

          With the release of QlikView 9.0, we moved to one client, now called QlikView Desktop. The different levels of access are controlled from within the document or user properties of the application, rather than having a separate piece of software.

          QlikView Server is the server-based program that is used (in conjunction with QlikView Publisher) to host and distribute QlikView applications to multiple users.

          I hope this answers your question!

            • Difference between QlikView Analyzer, Enterprise and Server?

              Hi Jason

              Then, what diferences between Enterprise Server and Small Business Edition Server (SBE). The SBE is package for LATAM.

              I would like a whitepaper with this description.

              Do you have some information???

              Thank you!



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                  Jagan Nalla

                  Scado Spheres,


                  I'm looking for the difference b/w Enterprise server and qlikview server. But i can explain you about SBE.



                  QlikView Server Small Business Edition (SBE) is available for customers looking for a QlikView Server

                  specifically designed to support a smaller organization.


                            After installing qlikview server, we need to integrate license to access the documents at internet/intranet. For this we need qlikview server license. With this license we can access the user documents. We can also schedule the qvw files in SBE. This is about SBE.


                            But we have publisher license which helps to schedule the files, create custom directories and soon. For example you are maintaing two folders one is source folder and another is user folder. With publisher license you can schedule the qvw files which are in source folder and once the reload is completed it will  save in user folder. The user folder qvw file can access by users at Access point.


                  Hope it helps!