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    Start date and Completion date - do I need 2 calendars?

    Josephinet Tedesco

      Hi all

      in my application I need a [start date] which is rounded up into months weeks etc and a [completion date] which is rounded up into months week etc. 


      I am thinking something along the lines of:


      month(startDate) as StartMonth,

      year(startDate) as StartYear,

      month(endDate) as EndMonth,

      year(endDate) as EndYear


      whilst this is nice and simple - the problem will come when someone will want financial years quarter etc.

      when that happens will I need to have 2 calendars - one for Start Dates and one for  Completion Dates?  I have seen Michael Tarallo's script for the use of Calendar scripts - but I am not sure how to apply it  for  this situation.

      Thank you

      Jo Tedesco