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    QMC QVS CPU Affinty missing cores

    Anders Eriksson

      Hi, have a problem with a new QlikView server.

      In QMC System Setup for the QVS under Performance CPU Affinity half of the cores are missing?

      Server is a HP ProLiant DL380 Gen9 with 2 Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 @ 2.30GHz with 10 cores each for a total of 20 cores.

      But the CPU Affinity setting in QMC only shows a total of 10 check boxes?

      Looks like the QVS is not aware of half the cores?

      Hyperthreading was until last week enabled on the server when it was shut off.

      Could disabling Hyperthreading be the reason for the missing cores?

      Is there some file I can edit to tell the QMC the correct number of cores?

      Or should I run the QlikView Server installer again?


      When Hyperthreading was disabled user experience was that server is slower.
      If the QVS then went from 20 cores to 10 cores that would explain it.


      OS is Win 2012 R2, QlikView Server is 12SR5 Enterprise edition with Publisher on the same server, no cluster.

      Under QMC/Sytem/About all 20 cores are shown for every part but the QVS where only 10 cores are shown.
      This server is presently running a test licens could this be the reason for limited cores (only one CPU)?
      But the only limitation of test license I'm aware of is license lease being disabled.

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          Jason Klingler

          Hi Anders,


          Changing your hyperthreading settings is prob the issue. I had something similar a few years back.


          There also isn't a file I know of that you can edit and tell the QVS to use all cores.



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            Hugo Andrade

            Any news? Did you get assistance?
            There's one server reporting similar issues.


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              Anders Eriksson

              In a support case with a different customer Qlik-support finally revealed the answer this week!




              The CPU affinity is not working as expected.


              The number of CPU affinity for the QVS does not match the cores in the Server.


              You are using a Generation 9 of HP servers





              This issue comes from a new BIOS setting introduced in the Generation 9 of HP servers.

              A new setting has been added in BIOS that needs to be modified to allow the QlikView services to properly detect all the CPU Cores in the machine.





              This issue can be resolved by changing the BIOS setting "NUMA Group Size" to "Flat".

              The default setting for "NUMA Group Size" disables QlikView from properly detecting all CPU cores in the hardware, and thereby


              From HPs manual on the subject: "Use this option to configure how the system ROM reports the number of logical processors in a NUMA (Non-Uniform Memory Access) node. The resulting information helps the operating system group processors for application use. To set NUMA Group Size Optimization: From the System Utilities screen, select System Configuration → BIOS/Platform Configuration (RBSU) → Performance Options → Advanced Performance Tuning Options → NUMA Group Size Optimization and press Enter. Select a setting and press Enter:

              Clustered (default)—Optimizes groups along NUMA boundaries, providing better performance.

              Flat—Enables applications that are not optimized to take advantage of processors spanning multiple groups to utilize more logical processors."