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    Passing Parameters Dynamically In URL From Selected Filters

    Kevin Warren

      I would like MULTIPLE user selected filters to get passed to the actual URL. My current work project requires the selected filters for Year and Month.

      In the example below, I can write to have 1 selected year OR 1 selected month.

      My two issues are:

      (1) How can I get the URL to take year and month considerations in the same URL?

      (2) How can I get the URL to dynamically reflect the List Box (LB) selections (multiple years and/months) from the user to be passed through the URL?

      ='https://Generic_Doc_Name&Sheet=SH04&Select=LB238,' & Max(Year)

      ='https://Generic_Doc_Name&Sheet=SH04&Select=LB237,' & Max(Month)