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    QlikView Best Practices (regarding QlikNews Spring 2010)

      As some of you may have noticed, Robert Patterson set out the QlikNews Spring 2010 news letter. The first article mentioned is the QlikView Best Practices, where we learn how QlikTech uses QlikView internally with Microsoft Team Foundation Service.

      I just finished reading the article, and you can imagine my delight in learning that QlikTech uses a nearly identical approach to managing QlikView as we do here at CHG Healthcare Services. The primary difference in our methods is that QlikTech uses MS TFS for their revision control, where we use the sole leader in Software Configuration Management, Apache Subversion(aka SVN).

      I'm considering writing a tutorial and blog on how to get started using our configuration. If there's interest, I'd be happy to start working on it and share it with the community.

      What do you think?

      Alex Mumme
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      Information Technologies Division

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