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    how do we handle multi-lingual reports???



      We just checked out the sample dashboard "Finance Controlling" where multilingual reporting has been handled. We are not sure how this can be handled from scratch. Pls shed some light on this. If its available in the ref docs, pls guide us to the section.

        • how do we handle multi-lingual reports???


          I am using the lookup function to do the translations in my app


          This allows me to have a "readable" value in the expression and not an anonymous number (Selections in above case)

          I create a variable "vLang" which contains the name of the target language (EN or DE)


          The translations are maintained in an excel sheet with columns "Lookup" and the different language columns.


          Lookup, EN, DE
          Selection, Selection, Auswahl

          Changing the value of the variable replaces immediately all labels.