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    Dealing with Fixture Table


      I am getting myself acquainted with QlikView. I have done all the tutorial. The next part I have been recommended to do is to create an app. As I love football, I thought I would do one on the World Cup. I suspect lots of people will be doing that as well![:)]

      The issue comes with how best to design the data. I have a fixture table which has the following fields:-

      • Date & Time
      • Venue
      • Team1
      • Team2

      For the list of fixtures, countries will be in the Team1 field some times and in the Team2 field some times. That works ok if you want just a list of fixtures. But if I want to select a particular country, and show all their fixtures I want to be able to show the values in both fields Team1 and Team2. How is that done in QlikView?