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    How to display traffic light gauge?


      I have recently installed Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition and started using Qlik View.

      I have a table with a column( A ) with numerical values. I am displaying this table in straight table chart . I need to display this numerical column as traffic light gauge with following rule:

      if A <= 50 display color as red

      if A > 50 and < 100 display color as yellow

      if A > 100 display color as green

      Can anybody guide me how to develop this traffic light gauge using the above set of rules?

      Appreciate any help.

      Thanks and Regards


        • How to display traffic light gauge?
          Neil Miller

          First, set up your chart and get a Traffic Guage expression. Then click on Guage Settings. Make sure you uncheck Autowidth Segments, because you want to define your own rules.

          Then you need three Segments. Red should be first and have a lower bound of 0. Then Yellow with LB 50. Then Green with LB of 100.

          You also want to set the Max to the highest value one dimension can have.

          I've attached a simple example. You may need to tweak it to get the correct colors at the end points of each section.

          • How to display traffic light gauge?


            It´s possible. Into Chart properties, go to the combo "Representation" and select the option "traffic light gauge", so click on Gauge Settings and disable the option "Autowith Segments". Input the Min (0) and Max (100 or more), after go the "Segments setup" and settings your colors and "Lower Bound". For the Lower Bound will be the follows:

            Red = 0
            yellow = 50
            green = 100

            Remember is the LOWER BOUND

            Click on OK.

            PD: Sorry mi english, I don't speak very well...

            Best regards,

              • Re:How to display traffic light gauge?

                Hi Ricardo, NMiller,

                Thanks a lot for your replies !!

                I could get the traffic light gauge display in the numerical column in the straight table chart after following the steps you mentioned.

                NMiller, sorry i could not open the .qvw file that you sent as i currently have Qlik View 9.0 Personal Edition and it would have used up my 4 attempts and changed the key.

                I have one further question. I am trying to display the numerical value in the center of the traffic light gauge. I understand from the various posts in the forums that i need to use "Text in Chart" option in the traffic light gauge properties for this purpose. I tried a lot by using this feature in my traffic light gauge by adding a text using "Text in chart" but i am not successful. Somehow that text just simply disappears next time when i open the traffic light gauge properties and also doesnot show in the traffic light gauge in straight table column.

                Any idea where i am going wrong to display text by using "Text in chart" option in Traffic light gauge ? Is there any other way i can see this text inside the traffic light gauge ?

                Thanks and Regards