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    Sorting By Date

    omar bensalem

      Hi Everyone,


      Here is what I'm doing,


      I've created an Inline Table :



      LOAD * INLINE [

          TimeframeId, Timeframe

          1, Monthly

          2, Yearly



      So my graphics will vary as I select a Frame,

      For example, if I select Monthly, I will see the evolution of my KPI for the last 12 months, yearly is for the last 2 years evolution.


      My dimension is as so :





      .Now, if I select Monthly, I will have this grphic( the evolution for the last 12 months):

      Displaying image.png


      My selected Date is 19 of October.

      You can see that the sorting is wrong since October2016 should be at the end !

      What I haven't understood is, when I select a date in a completely charged month, for example 20 september 2016, I will have a sorted graphic !
      I've tried so many expression to counter this and still can't find a way to correct it.


      Can anyone help? Thanks !