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    Qliksense connector for Mysql Community Edition?

    xxx yyy

      Qliksense server can't connect remotely to Mysql community edition.

      I have tried a few suggestions on the forum regarding ODBC which didn't work.

      Any clear instructions to fix this?



      QS server : 10.3.5

      Win: Windows Server 2012 R2

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          xxx yyy



          1 - download and install MySQL ODBC connector (32 or 64)

          2- if installation fails with error 126 you need to update MS Visual Studio libraries as below:

             - download latest VisualStudio redistributable file from Microsoft download centre (64 or 32)

             - remove old version first then install this file

          3- Once Mysql ODBC driver is successfully installed open " setup ODBC data sources 64"

              by start typing ODBC in the windows interface

          4- This opens "ODBC data administrator" window.

          5- In the "system DSN" tab add a new data source by selecting the driver you just installed, username/pass,...

              test the connection and then save it.

          6- in the Qliksense "add new connection" select ODBC, then select the connection you created in step 5.

          7- Give it a proper name. Now you can connect to mysql, any version and extract data for Qlik sense.


          I'm not sure why QS connection package only connects to MySQL Enterprise Version and not other versions.Considering that community version is the free one I'd expect the other way around.