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    Lost document CAL's

      Dear QlikViewers,


      I removed a user from the 'Assigned users' list from a specific QVW document.

      This should result in a 'Document CAL not allocated on server' I assume.


      This is not the case unfortunately.


      Note: we did not remove the document, just a user assigned to it.


      Question: How could we get this Document CAL back, so we can assign another user to this (or another) QVW document?

        • Re: Lost document CAL's

          Issue resolved:

          It seems that QlikView Management Console does not automatically releases 'free' document CAL's.

          We removed a user from the 'Assigned users' list, and assumed that QMC would release the document CAL automatically. This is not the case.

          We manually have to decrease the 'number of CALs allocated to this Document'.

          By doing this we get back 'Document CALs not allocated on server'.