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    Kein Pies but Gauges

    Court van de Lisdonk



      I'm still designing my Dashboard.


      I have two Options (see attachment gauges):


      1) a straight table with mini-gauges built in

      2) a straight table plus a trellisbox with gauges


      Option 1 saves space but the gauges don't show the right values, the gauges in the trellisbox give the right values.

      Both options have the same Dimension and the formula are also the same: 


      if (Sum(BudgetAmount) > 0, Sum(ActualAmount) /Sum(BudgetAmount), 0)


      The settings for the segments  are also equal:

      Segment 1: startposition 0.0

      Segment 2: startposition 1.0

      Min value: 0

      Max value: 1.2


      Hope someone can tell my why in option 1 the gauges have a problem with displaying the right values. And how to solve it (if there is a solution)


      Thanks in regards