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    Number to time format and distribution chart



      I've a table with performance values from a monitoring systems.

      This information is related with "response time" in seconds.

      The values are between 0,001 s and 59,999 s.



      How can I change it in "ms" in case value is greater than 1,000 seconds (including the units)?


      0,055 -> 550ms

      7,35 -> 7,35s



      I need to create a graph in order to know the response time distribution. How can I create it?

      (It seems easy: count how many values are in every 0,1s range and print it....)




      Thank you!


        • Number to time format and distribution chart
          Karl Pover

          As for point 1, I think it would be better that the user see values that have the same units, but you should be able to do something like the following:


          num(sum([Time_In_Seconds])/1000,'#.##,00 ms'),

          num(sum([Time_In_Seconds]),'#.##,00 s'))

          For point 2, investigate the class function in QV help or in the forum. You have to make a calculated dimension with the class function and put the count as an expression.




            • Number to time format and distribution chart

              1) Great!


              It works!!! I use class function and it works ok when I just select one "service" in order to know his response time distribution. But I've problems selecting more than one service when "relative" is activated. (and I really need it!)


              My dimensions are:

              =if( performance_data.value<3, class(performance_data.value, 0.5,'segons'))



              And my expression is:



              With this configuration:

              a) selecting "service A" it has 80% of response time between 0-0,3s

              b) selecting "service A and service B", service A has just 25% of response time between 0-0,3s


              I suppose that Qlikview applies "relative" with all information data and not for each dimension. Isn't it? How could I solve it?


              Thank ypu so much!!!

                • Number to time format and distribution chart
                  Karl Pover

                  Yeah, instead of using the relative option in QlikView you would have to do something like the following to always return the porcent per each service:

                  count(Total <servicecheck_name> performance_data.value)

                  I don't know know if this will work correctly with the dimension you have defined, but I hope it points you in the right direction. If you need more help upload an example of your application.