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    QlikView - IdP initiated SAML SSO

      I have made a SSO using QlikView . However, it is not IdP initated SAML SSO.


      Do anyone even know this?

      QlikView support SP-initiated SSO, how about the IdP-initiated SSO?


      Someone has posted here to ask that question , no reply.

      Seem it never have such feature ?


      Any enlightenment ? Anyone who has experience on this?


      Thanks, Raymond





      An SP Initiated SSO flow is a Federation from the FS server request, check user, then and redirecting the user to the login page, conduct authentication, and redirect back to QlikView Web Server.


      I did setup one, using ADFS etc, it is ok.





      An IdP Initiated SSO flow is a Federation SSO operation that was started from the IdP Security Domain (i.e. an identity Portal, let say Sailpoint, let say OpenAM, let say mygovhk ), by the IdP Federation server creating a Federation SSO Response.


      From my checking on QlikView SSO (no matter http header / web ticket / saml ) , QlikView seem do not support that.