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    NPrinting import recipients filters issue

    Lech Miszkiewicz



      I am working with NPrinting (the latest) and i am testing import task functionality. I am using XLS templates from help:


      As far as i noticed everything works OK apart from recipient filters not being updated after they are changed in XLS file.

      Filters seem to behave the same way as Roles or Groups as they are added to existing recipients filters instead of being overwritten.


      Is this behavior intentional?


      regarding roles and groups help says:

      Roles: list of roles for a user, separated by commas.

      When importing users with groups or roles:

      • if groups or roles added in the row for a user do not exist, they will be automatically created.
      • existing associations with groups and roles will not be removed if not present in the update row. An import can only add associations with roles and groups for a user, but not remove them.

      regarding filters such a statement is not written anywhere so i would expect that filters would be removed/replaced with the new one instead of adding associations for new filters.


      Nprinting Masters - please share your experience