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    NPrinting Designer stalling on Excel Template

      Hi all,

      I'm running NPrinting 17.2 (Though the problem was there in the previous version). When I create an Excel report and select Edit Template the NPrinting Designer splash screen shows, then disappears and nothing else happens (The Designer interface does not appear). The Designer application is running (I can see it in the task manager) and it has started an instance of MS Excel (2013). If I end the Excel process the Designer interface appears, however, I now get RPC errors as the Excel instance is gone. It's worth mentioning that all other template types work without a problem. Other clients using the same server work just fine. I've tried the following:

      • Refreshing NPrinting Designer install & updating both the server version and Designer version.
      • Setting Designer to open using administrative permissions.
      • Refreshing my MS Office installation etc.

      All to no avail. If anyone has an easy fix I might be missing I would be extremely grateful.