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    Reload skript only between certain hours of a day

    Hermann Buchetmann

      Hello fellow Qlik users,


      i am looking to a solution for the following Problem:

      We use the Qlikview Server Management console to reload an application every 30 minutes.

      This mean the Skript runs the whole day every 30 minutes.

      My Goal is now to finda solution to only reload the Skript every 30 minutes between 06:00:00 and 18:00:00.

      The reson behind this i dont want to actually Access our database when it is not needed. But during Business hours, the application should always have up to date data.


      So far i tried the following solution. At the beginning of the script i have:


      IF(time(localtime())>='18:00:00' OR time(localtime())<='06:00:00') THEN




      Rest of Skript...



      SO far so good, but tee Problem now is the in the hours after 18:00 or before 06:00 the application is empty, because all the data gets deleted when the Skript doesnt run.

      From time to time, some coworkers and myself will still Access the application, and i would be nice if the old data from the last real run of the Skript would still be there.

      Is there a way to implement this?