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    Qlik Sense Image Library - No Upload Button

    Nathaniel Anderson

      The help suggests I should see an "Upload Media" button



      Michael Tarallo's video (from his blog post Qlik Sense - Bundling Images with Apps ) does use Qlik Sense Desktop specifically, but doesn't have an "Upload Image" icon -- neither do I.

      Qlik Sense - Bundle Images with your apps - YouTube


      Is it expected behavior that I can't access "Upload Image" button? Must I follow Michael's steps of copying any image files to "C:\Users\nathanielanderson\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Content"?

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          Nathaniel Anderson

          Ah yes I can see "Upload", only in Qlik Sense Enterprise and Qlik Sense Cloud Qlik Sense - Bundle Images with your apps - YouTube


          Michael makes the distinction very clear:


          So within Qlik Sense Desktop you have to manually copy the file to that location.

          Well what's been added to Qlik Sense 2.1, is in Enterprise as well as Qlik Sense Cloud, you can actually Upload an image file that is local on your desktop, to your server, and include it as part of that app...

          And he says more specifically:

          With Qlik Sense Desktop, you must copy images manually into the location where the product was installed. By default we install it into the users' My Documents directory. Then there are the subdirectories "Qlik\Sense\Content\Default". You can copy your JPGs, PNGs, GIFs in there. You can also create any combinations of subfolders...

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              Nathaniel Anderson

              My whole question may be a duplicate and can be deleted:

              Adding media to media library


              However, even the videos I posted suggested that using Qlik Sense Enterprise (I'll say, Qlik Sense Enterprise hosted on a Server ... which has QMC and everything), that I should see the "Upload File" button in lower-left.


              I do, but my colleague doesn't.


              This answer suggests I could use QMC directly:

              Re: Adding media to media library


              The attached screenshot shows the two techniques:

              1) QMC (left, in blue)

              2) via App (right, in red)


              I can do both options, but my colleague can do neither. So now my question is, what Security/Access rule decides the ability to upload here?

              Two techniques to upload to Content Library.PNG


              Now I learned that the Content Library I was referring to (see above, "Default")

              It had certain default rules applied to it, as seen here:

              Default content library rules.PNG


              Since I was a Root Admin, it allowed me to UPDATE that Content Library. My colleague was not a Root Admin.

              I could change the rules as described here so my colleague could get access:



              In summary, different ways to do the same thing, different techniques whether on "Enterprise" vs "Desktop"


              And sometime later maybe I can appreciate the differences that Michael begins to discuss the differences between having images as part of the app (aka "App contents" aka "In app") and not (aka "Default"? aka "Generic?")

              Inside Qlik Sense Enterprise, for your reference, when you have an app with attached or bundled images, they're associated with that app as additional content, so if I select this (app) by double-clicking it, you'll notice on the side under properties you'll have "App Contents"