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    Help with expression

    Vasiliy Beshentsev

      Good day, everyone!

      I have some throuble with expr. I need to get sum(Sales) over my filter.

      On first page i got total sum, it work correct:

      Sum({<t35PRDWAER = {'RUB'}>} DECNRPRDEC),

      where t35PRDWAER field is currency, DECNRPRDEC is sales


      On second page i want to get this, but it doesn't work:



      where BVRPBEDVTZ is date of sale, VTRBEGDVTR is another date field, BVRZAHWVTR is something else.

      Please, help me write expression correct.

      UPD1: MY FALSE, FRIENDS, i forget to tell that i got 'YYYYMMDD' format in date fields!

      UPD2: HERE IS EXAMPLE.QVF, take a look, friends!