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    Qlikview Server crash

      I recently upgraded the qlikview server from version SR8 to SR15 due to server errors, but it did not work and errors continue.

      The errors start of type:

      Request failed: An operation was attempted on a nonexistent network connection

      Then something like this occur:

      QVClient.Execute to 'qlikviewserver: 4747' failed: System.Exception: The communication with QlikView Server failed (TimedOut)! || At QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageDataFromSocket (Byte [] buffer, Double timeout) || At QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.GetMessageSizeFromSocket (Double timeout) || At QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.Execute (Byte [] request) || At QlikTech.NetClient.QvClient.Execute (String request) || At QVSWrapper.QlikViewServer.ExecuteXml (Action`2 i_Logger, String i_Command)

      Until the server's definitive failure.

      Has anyone had this or is there any idea what might be happening?