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    Minimum number of values to reach target

    Thibault LEMARIE

      Hello the community,


      I know my question is not easy to understand but I'll try to be as clear as possible.

      Let's say that I have an ID and a quantity of apples related to that ID.




      This makes a total of 9079 apple.


      I need to calculate the minimum number of ID's that I need to reach 80% of my total quantity.


      In my example:

      80% of 9079=7263.2

      3022+2221+1200+1000= 7,443> 7263.2

      So my answer in this case would be minimum 4 different ID's(5,7,2,1) to reach 80% of my total quantity.


      This is something I manage to do more or LESS in a table (See qvw attached) but I need to display this value (4) in a TextBox


      The list of ID depends of a lot of different filters and dimensions so this is not something I can do in the script (I think)


      I would really appreciate any help.

      Thanks a lot for your time