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    Help with Concatenated value variable in Set Expression

    Jim Sullivan

      I've created a variable based on a set expression:

      vCohortMbr_test =

      Eligibility = {'E'},
      MEMBER_ID = {'*'},
      [Report Date] = {"$(='>=' & Date($(vCE),'YYYY-MM')) $(='<=' & Date($(vCE),'YYYY-MM'))"},
      [Assessment Date] = {">=$(=$(vCS)) <=$(=$(vCE))"}
      DISTINCT Chr(34) & MEMBER_ID & Chr(34),',')

      that generates a string of Member IDs that

      1) Have a status of Eligible

      2) MEMBER_ID must not be Null

      3) In a set reporting period (single month, last month of the cohort period based on an island calendar picklist) [Report Date]

      4) That also had a date value [Assessment Date] within the cohort reporting window which is based on vCS and vCE for the start/end date values for selected cohort timeframe.


      Based on that unique Member ID list of values I need to perfume some set expression, ie Count() and Sum()


      However, I can't seem to get the variable to work in a set expression, simple syntax error I assume?


      A sample Set expression I've tried looks like the below, having tested different iterations of single and double quotes and $( expansions without any luck.



      MEMBER_ID = {'$(vCohortMbr_test)'}


      What am I doing wrong?