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    After i add SET vInputPath = 'C:\TEST\EXCEL'; I get error msg unable to open my excel file.

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I like to change the folder name for save my excel file , so easy maintenance.



      Now it save at C:\TEST



      I have add below line :-



      SET vInputPath = 'C:\TEST\EXCEL'; //local folder



      Then i move the excel file to C:\TEST\EXCEL



      Now when i run load script , i get error msg :-



      Cannot open file 'C:\TEST\filelist.xlsx'

      I found below script there is vRAWPath :-



      if(subfield('$(vFileName)','.',1) = '$(vRAWPath)$(vFile)') then



      So i change to :-



      if(subfield('$(vFileName)','.',1) = '$(vInputPath)$(vFile)') then



      I still get the same error msg :-

      Cannot open file 'C:\TEST\filelist.xlsx'



      I get stuck and unable to move forward.



      Now i comment on the last script i modify , and copy excel file back to org folder and reload , it is okay.



      Hope some one help me.



      My QVW and ra data and excel file can be doanload from below link :-