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    How to modify my script , When i need change my raw data file name,I don't need to edit QV script ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All

      I got the script from Staffan , May i know how to modify the below script , so that when i change the raw data file name , i can change it at excel file , with out open and edit QVW file.

        set vFile1 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_KL';

        SET vFile2 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_Penang';

        SET vFile3 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_TID';

      Meaning the above script need to change. so that it will refer to XLS file for file name..  

      Hope some one can share with me how to do it ?






      SET vDevelopment = 30;



      IF $(vDevelopment) = 0 THEN



      ELSEIF $(vDevelopment) = 30 THEN



        SET vRAWPath = 'C:\TEST\'; //local folder


        LET vNoOfFiles=3;

        set vFile1 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_KL';

        SET vFile2 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_Penang';

        SET vFile3 = '$(vRAWPath)Q_Payment_TID';





      END IF

      for i =1 to vNoOfFiles

      For each vFileName in FileList('$(vRAWPath)*.txt')

      if(subfield('$(vFileName)','.',1) = '$(vFile$(i))') then


      LOAD left(FileBaseName(), 4) AS Report5_pay,

        FileBaseName() as SOURCE,

        @1:9T as [cust_id],

        @10:38T as [company_pay],

        if(right(@81:99T,1)='-', '-' & left(@81:99T, len(@81:99T)-1),@81:99T) as curren

      FROM "$(vFileName)" (ansi, fix, no labels, header is 0, record is line); 


      Next vFileName

      next i