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    How to get first day of the week (numerical) with Calendarweek and year indication

    Christian Schmitz

      Hi all,

      my starting position is following: I have a sales pipeline which has different dates which are on daily basis (e.g. entry creation date), but also information which is only relevant on weekly basis (e.g. possible deal closing).


      I have built up two master-calendar for the dates on daily basis.


      Now I would like to built up a master-calendar for the possible deal closing field (e.g. 201652 , so its closing on week 52 of year 2016), I can generate from this information the solo year, solo week and also the month of the year (with =MonthName(MakeWeekDate(Year, Week)).


      But how can I generate the first day every week, e.g. its Calendar week 3 in 2017, so the first day (Monday) is 16.01.2017 - how does QlikView calculate the day 16 ?


      Anybody an idea?


      Thank you.