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    IF Statement Calculation

    Zeth Baker

      I have the following If statement in the load script but it is an invalid expression. Does anyone have any thoughts on how i can make this work?


      IF((Match(Type,'FTE') and sum(Number)) > (Match(Type,'ACTUAL') and sum(Number)),'OVERSTAFFED','UNDERSTAFFED')

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          Krishnapriya Arumugam

          You should set a flag for Type = FTE and using the Flag you can create a expression in UI.


          Else you can use below the expression in UI




          Are you using the expression in Load statement or assigning the value to a variable?

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            Handry Orozco

            Hi Zeth


            Please, share your associative model data

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              Digvijay Singh

              It won't work so easily in script with the reason of having aggregation involved, you may try as below -

              1. First calculate sum(number) using where clause and group by clause in separate table

              2. join the sum no to the old table so that sum field is available in all records

              3. then compare the type field with the new sum field as you are trying to do.


              May not completely correct, if you share your script, can add something further.



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                Wallo Atkinson


                It's hard to say without more info.  Making some assumptions you could do something like this:



                LOAD * INLINE [

                    Team, Type, Number

                    A, Actual, 4

                    A, Actual, 3

                    A, FTE, 6

                    B, Actual, 1

                    B, Actual, 2

                    B, FTE, 4




                load *,

                if(Actual>FTE,'OVERSTAFFED','UNDERSTAFFED') as Status




                Sum(ActualNbr) as Actual,

                Sum(FTENbr) as FTE

                group by Team




                if(Type='Actual',Number,0) as ActualNbr,

                if(Type='FTE',Number,0) as FTENbr

                resident Data



                It would give you an output like this.