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    Simple way to exclude all fields (100+) from set analysis except specified fields?

    Brian Ferrell

      So I've been scouring the forums and have yet to see a simple answer to this question. If it exists, apologies!


      Say I have a dataset with hundreds of fields.

      I have loaded estimates via concatenation with only 4 of the corresponding fields....but the user may filter on any of the xxx-4 fields.


      I want the estimates to always be displayed...and only change when a user filters on a field that corresponds to the estimates data.


      Instead of writing a set like this:


      =num(sum({$<[PL] = {'Finance'}, Fiscal_Quarter=, PROJECT_COST_CENTER =, DR_COST_CENTER=, PROJECT_NAME =, ETC...for every single field I want to ignore>} [Revenue Projection]),'##.#' )


      ....Is it possible to have my set only take the four fields that I specify? Rather than writing out the 90+ that I want to ignore?