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    Year to Date vs Year to date Last Year

      I'm new to Qlikview and am trying to get something I thought was relatively simple but seems to keep alluding me. I've been going through the forums and watched the training on set analysis and didn't have any luck getting the right formula to work. Hopefully you can all help me. :)

      I'm trying to get a line Chart with YTD numbers, PRevious YTD and Previous MTD numbers. The chart is by day It simply counts by Order_date how many orders there are on each day. I have a date picker for year/month/day that is linked to a mastercalendar. So when someone picks something like 2010-10-15 they should see the YTD up to that point the Previous YTD and the Previous MTD up to that point. When nothing is chosen it can default to showing current day. Which I think it would do by default anyways but perhaps I have to code something for that as well. :)

      My dates are ORder_date and DetailDay for the master calendar. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks