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    User licenses are prefixed with DSP1 in QMC, while trying to add new licenses when all the existing licenses are already consumed.

    Prasad Mamidipaka



      We have got a strange issue as specified below.


      We have QlikView 11.20 Enterprise Edition Server with 150 licenses is live in PRODUCTION since last one year. As we were trying to add new users to assign licenses in QMC as part of regular BAU activities, we added 151th license without realizing that we had already reached to maximum license capacity and there was no pop-up in QMC saying that all license are consumed while adding new user.  After adding 151th license, we refreshed QMC, then understood that we reached to maximum capacity as it was showing only 150 licenses, and the 151th user has not been added. But the problem is began here as it is showing the existing user licenses are prefixed with DSP1.

      Ex: before 151th licenses added, the user name is ‘010_KB1’ which has changed to ‘dsp1\010_kb1


      Can anyone experience this problem? or any suggestions why this change happened on the username ? Is there any impact of this?

      As of now, we haven’t find any impact as we have tested with above user access to Access Point.


      Appreciated your suggestions on this.