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    Accessing QlikSense apps from external URL - questions

    Jessica Malenfant

      Hi Everyone,

      We're stuck at what seems like should be a pretty straightforward problem with accessing published Qlik Sense apps in a secure web-based custom-built app that we have referencing a Qlik app directly in an HTML page (not using an iframe) that is served from a Qlik Sense server. Our system uses Qlik ticket authentication to validate an authenticated user from our system so that this user can use the embedded Qlik app without another layer of authentication.

      We are having a problem accessing our QlikSense published through a url from outside the installed Qlik Sense server.


      We are using  web ticket exchange + authentication and local tests show that it’s working. Qlik Sense is configured using a Virtual Proxy. We believe that this is a self hosted server and defaults to the machine name it is installed on as the address to service request. We need it to be addressable via an URL. We have setup domain names and open ports for that, but that seems to be not functioning, so we are missing something.

      We appreciate any and all thoughts and help as our project deadline is quickly approaching and this is one of our major blockers right now.