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    How not to select certain values from table

      Hi! I've just started to use Qlikview and done some progress with it. Now I have this question about QV functionality.

      I have a table

      ID Date1 Date2 Value1

      1 16.10.2009 13.11.2009 28

      2 28.10.2009 25.11.2009 28

      3 16.11.2009 14.12.2009 28

      4 9.12.2009 6.1.2010 28


      Value 1 is Date2 - Date1

      How can I load this table without selecting Date1 values which are smaller then Date2

      Example: ID1 has Date2 of 13.11.2009 so I don't want to select ID2 which Date1 is smaller then 13.11.2009. But I want to select ID3 which Date1 is greater then ID1's Date2.

      Thank you!