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    Unexpected Error occuring in the QVS file



      Hi Qlik Community,

      I'm creating the Reconcillation Script for the comparison of data from QVD and the SQL-data,

      but there is error occuring at the time time of script execution, For More details please go through the following script and help me::





      Brokerage_SQL << exec qlik_ods_data PLFMWISE_BRKG_TURNOVR_RECO,20160406,20160422


      Lines fetched: 1



      Brokerage Mismatch Details



      Month_SQL Month_Qlik Brokerage_SQL Brokerage_Qlik Brokerge_Difference






      5:39:21 TT


      undefined: For vLoop = 0 to NoOfRows('Brokerage_Qlik')-1 >>>>>><<<<<<