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    Qlik Sense Server logoutUri has different domain (B) than the source of request (A)

    Nathaniel Anderson

      I have Qlik Sense Server hosted behind a 3rd party Proxy.

      • That Proxy is accessible at URL domain "A"
      • That Proxy passes on the requests to Qlik Sense server which is actually being served  from URL domain "B"


      But the user should never have access to "B" directly -- the user shouldn't be aware that "B" exists at all.


      All Qlik sense requests work correctly, going from my client at origin "A" , to the domain "A", and responses come back successfully.


      Then it the hub's getUserInfo function sends a request to:



      Specifically the getUserInfo sends request to:



      But the response comes back:


      "userDirectory": "...",

      "userId": "...",

      "userName": "...",

      "logoutUri": "https://B/qps/user"



      So then in the hub/core/services/comm/authentication initialization,

      it sets a.logoutUri = https://B/qps/user

      Why is inconsistent domain, now "B"? Shouldn't Qlik Sense server respond with logoutUri set to domain A?



      After all this, when I attempt to logout, my browser sends a DELETE request to domain B, from domain A.

      This is cross-origin request (CORS), so my browser sends a pre-flight request.

      And that pre-flight request does not find Access-Control-Allow-Origins in the response; so it thinks CORS is not allowed, an error is logged in the browser's Javascript console, and it seems the user isn't logged out.


      Any advice here? Thank you!


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