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    Info Box needed

    Chris Hopkins

      Hi I want to put an 'Info' button on my applications which when clicked would display the Application Name, Last refreshed date and time, and how long the load took. The information would be usefull for our administrators to quickly monitor load times.

      I know how to display the last refreshed time and date :


      ='Last Refreshed : ' &ReloadTime()

      and i know how to display the load time :

      ='The Last reload took : ' &interval(ReloadTime() - SCRIPT_START,'hh:mm:ss')

      I am not sure on the command to display the Application Name.

      I don't know how to display this information on an object that would either just display for a few seconds, or have some sort of exit option on it so the user could close the object after getting the info they require.

      I suppose i am looking for a similar oject to a window in microsoft windows (box with cross in right hand corner and info in window area).

      Can this be done or does anyone have any other suggestions?



        • Info Box needed

          The functions you are looking for are:

          =DocumentName() for the QVW file name or DocumentTitle() which is the title you give to the document in Settings > Document Properties > General tab, Title field.

          Have you considered using HelpText box in the Caption tab. Create a variable with all your functions, info and in the HelpText use the dollar-sign expansion to get the information.

          The HelpText option puts a question mark button in the object's caption. On hover over, endu-users get a floating window with the info and if the click on it, it gives a floating window in the middle of the screen with the info.

          • Info Box needed

            What I think you are looking for is create a variable, vDocInfo, in the front-end (CTRL+ALT+V) which contains string:

            'Last Refreshed : ' & ReloadTime() & '

            The Last reload took : ' &interval(ReloadTime() - SCRIPT_START,'hh:mm:ss') &'

            ' & DocumentName() & '

            ' & DocumentTitle()

            Then, in front-end, on any given object, go to the Prpoerties > Caption tab and in HelpText put =$(vDocInfo). Then on hover over of Question mark in caption it shows info or on click it will put a popup box.

            Hope it helps.

              • Info Box needed
                Chris Hopkins

                Thanks very much! that's perfect!

                  • Info Box needed

                    No probs.

                    Here's a technique using the AGGR function to externally leverage the HelpText info (i.e. create one piece of info you might want to re-use over multiple front-end objects or multiple QV apps).

                    1. Create an external load of HelpText info, say in Excel, with 2 columns, one column called HelpID and the other called HelpText.

                    2. Create a variable, vHelpText, in front-end with contains the string AGGR(HelpText, HelpID = $1)

                    3. In HelpText in Caption, use dollar-sign expansion as such: =$(vHelpText(N)), where N is the HelpID for which you want to return the related HelpText in the XLS.

                    4. Naturally, you can add multiple HelpText infos, such as:

                    =$(vHelpText(1)) & '

                    ' & $(vHelpText(2))


                    Hope this helps.