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    Survey - Relative Ranking

    Scott Springer

      How would I accomplish the following?

      I have a dataset that roughly looks like the following:


      Question, Company, Value

      1, CompanyA, 10000

      1, CompanyB, 20000

      1, CompanyC, 30000

      2, CompanyA, 1

      2, CompanyB, 5

      2, CompanyC, 11

      3, CompanyA, 0

      3, CompanyB, 3

      3, CompanyC, 12


      In the real dataset there are more like 200 companies, not just A, B, C.  How would I quickly add a new column that would evaluate each response and assign a score of 1-5 depending on their ranking (in relative bands).  Meaning, for Question 1 the highest 20% scores would receive a 5, the next 20% would receive a 4, and so on.  The challenge is that for some questions the higher the better, for others the lower the better.




      Thank you in advance!